Answered By: Gretchen Scronce
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2021     Views: 398

You may be asked to sign into EBSCOhost while using an EBSCO resource. This is often required to download or print articles, save your search history, or create search alerts. This EBSCOhost account is not connected to a CofC account. Simply create a new, free account the first time you are prompted to log in.

To access a previously-created EBSCO account:

  • View this list of EBSCO databases. (This list can be found on the A-Z Databases page under E (look for EBSCO) or by selecting EBSCO as the Vendor/Provider. The A-Z Databases page can be accessed through the Databases tab of the library's homepage).
  • Select a database from the list, such as Academic Search Complete.
  • Once you are in the database, you can access your EBSCO account by signing in with the username/password combo you used previously. This username/password is not connected to any CofC account.
  • Once you are back on the database's homepage, click Folder on the top right (next to Sign out) to see your saved items.