Answered By: Patrick McCarty
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Yes, you can print single sided to the printers in the Addlestone Library.  The printers allow for both single or double sided printing. However, as printing is often controlled by the application you are printing from, the instructions can vary widely based on the App and the OS that you are using.  Some applications specify a single sided print, and others default to single sided if double sided is turned off. 

Generally speaking, the steps that you would follow are:

  1. Open the print menu.
  2. Choose your printer (cloudprint on wp-papercut-01 from a lab device, or cofc-cloudprint when printing from your own device).
  3. Choose single sided directly, or uncheck the option to print on both sides.*
    *If you do not see an option for double sided print, you may need to expand your menu.  Depending on the application, you may see an option for Preferences, Show more options, Advanced Settings, Layout, Paper handling, and more.  These additional menus may be a button, a tab, or a drop down menu.  Choose single sided or uncheck the option to print on both sides.  You may need to click OK or Apply to confirm your settings and return to the main print menu.
  4. Click Print to send your job to the print server.
  5. Go to any of the printers located in the Addlestone Library and tap your card to release the job at the printer you are standing next to.

If you need additional help, please contact the IT Service Desk at, by phone at (843)953-3375, or in person at the IT service desk located on the first floor of the Addlestone Library.

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