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Here is a partial entry from The Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation in Marine Environments:

Community Development can be considered the process or effort of building communities on a local level with the main emphasis on building economic sustainability, forging and strengthening social ties and creating and enhancing non-profit sector development. In terms of the marine environment it is those local communities whose concerns are particularly constituted by association with a marine environment and a set of social relationships based on something which the individuals have in common. This is usually a common sense of identity related to fishing or affiliated marine activities. The idea of community development then revolves around the process involving the conception, planning and implementation of projects or activities that create improvements in (or to a degree reduce the extent of decline) the living standards of people in marine communities.

Within this context Community Development can be seen as an action that is purposively directed towards changing local conditions in a positive way, with a central emphasis on building social relationships and communication networks within a communityCommunity Development, it can be argued, is based on the assumption that if a process can empower the community, they (i.e. the community themselves) can contribute to their own social well-being. The self-actualization of community members is important, in that community stability is commonly enhanced when residents work together to address common issues. Underlining this is a need for development that is effective. To maximize the impact of Community Development within the locality, it must incorporate both social and economic needs.


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