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These brief definitions may help you.

conceptual framework
A statement of theoretical principles to guide logical and systematic development of a research design, a specific policy, or an approach to problem solving. It is sometimes called a statement of principles, and is widely used in social and behavioral sciences.
--from Oxford University Press' A Dictionary of Public Health

Conceptual Model (Framework)
Conceptual models (sometimes referred to as conceptual frameworks or grand theories) are abstract representations of phenomena of interest to the discipline. Specific theories can be derived from these conceptual models. The conceptualmodels themselves are not testable, but the theories derived from the models may be tested. These grand theories provide global perspectives of the discipline and offer ways of viewing nursing phenomena on the basis of these perspectives. Examples of conceptual models in nursing are those of Martha Rogers, Imogene King, Hildegarde Peplau, Jean Watson, and Florence Nightingale.
--from Encyclopedia of Nursing Research