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Here is the quick overview of focus group from the Oxford Dictionary of Business and Management:
An exploratory research group of 8 to 12 participants, led by a moderator, who meet for an in-depth discussion on one particular topic or concept. The participants are generally chosen for their relevance to the particular topic or concept. By skillful use of probes and other interviewing devices, the group members are encouraged to respond in depth to the moderator. These group discussions largely depend for their success on the moderator, who must establish the right atmosphere in order to gain the maximum involvement and cooperation of all the group members. Focus groups are useful in the early stages of developing methods to understand the nature of business or organizational problems and for suggesting issues that should be covered in a questionnaire survey. Discussions are usually recorded and observed through see-through mirrors (with the full knowledge of the group members). Normally, these groups last for between one and three months.

Here is a quick overview of interview from the Oxford Dictionary of Marketing:
The gathering of information by asking participants questions. Interviews are one of the most widely used techniques in primary research. They can be used to gather both quantitative as well as qualitative information depending upon how open-ended the questions are. Interviews can be conducted in a variety of ways: in person, over the telephone, online, or via the mail.